Sunday, March 17, 2024

Comment Test

 I see the stats on this Blogger site and realize that the people viewing my posts I have told Blogger not to record my visits but I doubt that it working very well.

So, I want to try an experiment.

If you are someone other than me who visits here, please leave a comment. That way I will know it is worth the effort to keep doing this. 

Thank you 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Oscar Thoughts

 Okay. Nobody asked for this and probably nobody will care what I thought about the Oscars. Hint: you might not like me after this.

First let me say this - I did not watch the Oscars. I'm aware of a lot that happened and have seen enough Youtube clips to make a very uninformed opinion.

I only saw 3 of the nominated films:
and Barbie

Where to begin?

Maestro - Worth seeing once, but I don't care to see it again.

Barbie - actually waited and did the Redbox for Barbie. I didn't want to pay the cost to see it in the theater. Small screen was more than adequate. If you can overlook the blatantly in you face (or shoved down your throat) woke, anti-male, feminist messages (which were fairly hypocritical) then it was a mindless popcorn show.
I did see a few seconds of Billie Eilish singing. Sorry people, but she's not a good singer. Maybe someday I will make a post about how most of the popular singers are just no-talent.

Oppenheimer - Would have been better if it wasn't a story told in such a non-linear style. And would have been better if we didn't see Cillian Murphy naked. That man is ugly without clothing. And Florence Pugh's character was pathetic and also unattractive. 

I didn't see any of the other movies but I might someday. A couple I will never see because the people involved are idiots,

Lastly, I wonder what it is with so many movies trying to be artsy-fartsy non-linear stories. Maybe it's a device to get us to see a movie multiple times so we can figure out what the hell is going on and how everything fits together.

Okay, that's it. As always the opinions expressed are only my own and not the opinions of the management of this theater.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Oscars

 Do I really want to say something about the Oscars?

Do I really want to make you mad when I say what I think of many of the winners?

I'm debating........

Stay tuned

Thursday, March 7, 2024

DUNE 2 Full Review


We went to see DUNE 2 this evening.

I really liked it. It was visually stunning and immersive.

All the actors did an excellent job with Austin Butler giving a great performance as the psychotic Feyd-Rautha.

Naturally, there were some changes from the book, but they weren't bad. And it sets things up for a 3rd movie (probably based on Dune Messiah). After all, they've already included a scene with the actress who will play Paul's as yet unborn sister.

I highly recommend it. Especially if you have read the book. I do think being familiar with the story will help you to follow the movie but it isn't necessary.

One last thought - how many people do you think will now read the book for the first time?

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Movie Review - Detour (1945)


Last night we were scrolling through some classic movies on Prime Video and came across this one - Detour from 1945.

Here's a synopsis from IMDB:

In flashback, New York nightclub pianist Al Roberts hitchhikes to Hollywood to join his girl Sue. On a rainy night, the sleazy gambler he's riding with mysteriously dies; afraid of the police, Roberts takes the man's identity. But thanks to a blackmailing dame, Roberts' every move plunges him deeper into trouble.

Sounds kind of exciting, huh?

Here's the trailer:

IMDB also has this rated at 7.3. On Rottentomatoes the audience gives it 78% and the critics 98%!

How would I rate this movie? I would reverse the IMBD score and give it 3.7.

The main character is an idiot. I could see lots of better ways out of his mess than he chose.
The woman he picked up hitchhiking was completely over the top.

If you don't think about the story I guess it was okay, but the more you ponder it, the more holes you can find.

Watch it Prime Video if you want. We can discuss.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Bye Bye Facebook

The title says it all.

I finally got tired of all the crap in my Newsfeed. I thought I had found a way to filter a lot of it out, but that only severely limited what I saw, There's not winning with Facebook.

So, I deleted my account.

I am in the process of finding replacement for the Facebook groups I really liked, but am not having much luck.

Now...if you're here I'm sure it's purely by accident. Although you might have linked this site from my old Facebook page.

Regardless, this will be the place for all my future postings. Sometimes I have a lot to say and other times just a line or two.

**EDIT - Was this a dumb thing to do? At least on Facebook there were 4 people who read my stuff. This Blogger site gets ZERO traffic.

Monday, February 5, 2024


 I wanted to talk a bit about radio.

I quite enjoy radio as a hobby. I have several radios including a good desktop and a portable shortwave receiver  that each cover AM, FM and shortwave bands. Also a desktop and a handheld scanner plus a handheld ham radio.

The radio I use the most if a small box by my computer that is controlled by computer software. It looks like this when running:

This radio receives EVERYTHING. AM, FM, all shortwave and ham radio bands. Also aircraft, public safety, and a lot more.

Anything really interesting that I manage to hear I will try to record and share here.

Another radio related thing I wanted to pass along is the website Radio Garden.
When you go there you will see a map of the world with lots of green dots:

Each of those dots is an active radio station. This screenshot is of a station in London that I was listening to.
You can move around the world map and click on a dot or you can use the search function to bring up stations in a particular city anywhere in the world.

If you speak a second (or third, fourth, etc.) language you can navigate to that country and listen to stations there.

Well, that's all for now.
Peace Out